Tuesday, 6 January 2009

First week in January.

So far January has been a good start to the year, hence the reason I have decided that this be a good time to set up a blog. Although I have no photos to share, I did manage to see with my partner waxwings on the disused railway at Bonnyton, Kilmarnock. Just at the entrance, on the left side around 20 or so were perched on the trees feeding. I've seen waxwings before in Sweden and only a couple of months ago back in Aberdeen but never have I managed to get so close and great views as this occasion where it was possible to make out their detail and colour properly.

Within the same week I also took a visit to Martnaham Loch to see the Ring-necked Duck and also a visit to Bogside racecourse where 2 Short-eared Owls were present although it was too dark to see soon after arriving. Another visit to this site brought spectacular views of them hunting, as well as around 6 row deer.


Welcome to my birding blog!

I've been birding for a few years now, but due to moving to Aberdeen, lack of transport and being swamped with work at uni I very rarely find the time to go out anymore or unless it is when I visit my boyfriend back home. Since it is a new year and a new start I decided that instead of telling myself to go out more I will make it as a new years resolution and set up my own birding blog to keep me motivated to find the time.